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Fidel Castro became an icon thanks to the Alberto Korda's photo: it shows him playing golf with Ernesto Che Guevara and some of his loyalists at "Colinas de Villareal Golf Club", overlooking the bay of Havana. All of them were wearing military uniform and were having fun in a sports which at the time was considered for the rich and the middle class.


Maybe the shooting dates back to 1956 and most likely is part of what today we would call marketing campaign: shortly before US President Dwight D. Eisenhower was immortalized on the cover of a magazine while playing and It seems that he even scored a hole-in- one. Fidel could be outdone? The answer is obvious.


According to another version, that photo was the answer to a "no thanks, I have to play golf" always provided by Eisenhower to a meeting request by Havana. Someone else instead flys much lower: Eisenhower was so addicted to golf that built a small golf course near the White House and then Castro would show to have a real golf course almost everything for him.


Antonio Castro, one of five sons of Fidel, is a big fan of golf, but it was not like by all of the Cuban Communist establishment.

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