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Barack Obama is leaving the White House, but something is came out about his “golf trip” in 2013: in February three years ago, the US president flew to Florida to take some lessons from his old teacher Butch Harmon and, above all, to play for the first time with Tiger Woods. Now they come out the budgets  of that trip from 15 to 18 February in Palm Beach: 3.6 million dollars of US taxpayers.

In full campaign, the Washington Times check a report of the Government Accountability Office, an investigative section of the Congress who investigates administrative expenses, has reconstructed the expenses of the Department of Defense and Homeland Security. An abnormal amount: $ 3.6 million.

For lessons and round with Tiger Woods (then number two in the world) at the club "Floridian Yacht and Golf Club" it had to resort to the Air Force One (which costs 200 thousand dollars per flight hour) : for logistical and especially safety military aircraft were mobilized from Texas and New Jersey and private companies, the Coast Guard boats, rental car and an unknown number of service men. From the White House records show that 15 February 2013 Obama flew from Joint Base Andrews Washington (where physically there Air Force One) up to Chicago for a series of meetings on the economy. Then he flew to Palm Beach for a "holiday period" of the president. And then again to the base in Washington.

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