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One of the most common clichés about golf is wiped out by a British study showing that those engaging regularly in the fairway and drive gets a number of physical and mental benefits, regardless of their age. The hours spent in the field help prevent at least forty diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart problems, depression, even some types of cancer, particularly breast and colon cancer.

The research comes from the University of Edinburgh (here's the full text): the researchers from the health department of the university have reviewed five thousand studies on golf and assessed the effects recorded more frequently on the players. In general, they have noted improvements in terms of muscle strength in older people and a better balance. The regular players health is better than the global average by age.

"There is evidence to support the argument that golfers live longer than those who do not play, because players improve movement skills, cholesterol levels, body mass composition, the sense of well-being and level self-esteem, " sums up the head of the Scottish research project, Dr. Andrew Murray that adds: “ A particularly detailed study carried out in Sweden notes that golfers live an average of five years longer than those who do not play. And certainly than those who do not practice other activities or clearly benefit the health sports.”


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