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In the UK has spread a particular legend: the word "golf" was in the past an acronym for "Gentlemen Only, Women Forbidden" (men only, women forbidden), and indicate as a man's sport, forbidden to women to which it was forbidden even access to the camp.

As might be fun to imagine these English gentleman carve out a few hours of "freedom" from worldly commitments and from the wives for a round of golf, it is not true. Golf is a sport now also women!

The word "golf" is derived from the ancient dialect forms. "Kolf" or "kolve", in the ancient Dutch language, meant "club", while the Scots were referring to the same concept with "golve," "gowl" or "gouf", later transformed into "golf." While in the past it was a common practice among men, women started playing golf in 1800, demonstrating excellent qualities!

Today golf is indicated and practiced by adults, children, old people... and women even seem to be genetically more likely: in fact playin golg not requires a great physical strength.

What makes the difference is the strategy, concentration, elegance in movement and intuition skills course women!

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